May the unlimited licenses also be used for customers?

No, that is not permitted – the licenses are for your own use only.

Right now you can connect MemberWunder to the following payment providers:

  • Digistore24
  • elopage
  • PayPal
  • Clickbank

In your WordPress, go to Settings> Permalinks and switch to the Post Name setting.

Your members area should be reachable by default at www.yourdomain.com/members.

If you have changed or want to change it, go to Settings> MemberWunder> General and select the URL for your members area.

MemberWunder Functions

To give a product to a member:

  • Go to MemberWunder Orders.
  • Click Add Order above.
  • Enter the e-mail address of the new or existing member. If there is no account for the email address, one will be created.
  • Select the product.
  • Click Save Changes.

After payment, the payment provider informs MemberWunder automatically. This is done invisibly for the buyer via a so-called IPN (= Instant Payment Notification). Then MemberWunder creates a WordPress user account for the buyer and sends him the access data via email. You can edit the e-mail with the access data in the menu item “Payments”.

If necessary, please check also in your spam folder.


If the email has not arrived 30 minutes after purchase please contact the support. Our support team is available 24/7. Just send an email to [email protected] and we’ll take care of any of your questions.

You can manage your orders in WordPress under MemberWunder> Orders.

You can unlock each module and lesson with a time delay. Timing starts as soon as the customer opens the course for the first time.

No. You can have unlimited members / customers.

You can change this in the WP Dashboard under Settings> MemberWunder> Design.

Yes, absolutely – however, you must first link the created courses to a payment provider.


If you do not have a WordPress website yet, do not worry. You can create WordPress in just a few clicks and then install MemberWunder on it. More information can be found in our tutorial.

As soon as you have registered your domain and installed it on this WordPress, you will receive it automatically via e-mail. If you can not find them anymore and can not reset your password, contact your hosting provider.

You have a WordPress account without a domain of your own. Please register a desired domain and install WordPress on it. More information can be found in our tutorial.

MemberWunder Installation

The membership file must be uploaded unzipped as a ZIP file for it to work. Should this be a problem, the plugin must be installed via FTP on your domain – please ask your hosting provider for help.

You must connect your domain to the license. Go to the item “License key” and add your domain to your license key. The domain format must look like this: yourdomain.com

You can do that in the WordPress Dashboard under Settings> MemberWunder> SMTP. More information can be found in our tutorial.

If you still have some questions. You can ask support here