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THE ALL thanks MemberWunder!
The number one choice among affiliates, online coaches, network marketers and entrepreneurs around the world who sell their products.

MemberWunder. The miracle plug-in for everyone: Create your own member area for your content with just a few clicks. Manage the orders and access data of your customers. Create Leaderboards and give certificates. Keep track of everything - it has never been so easy!

Get the plugin
Get the plugin Works with any Wordpress version
Customize your member area
Customize your member area
Publish & Sell!
Publish & Sell!

It does not matter how big your business is: With MemberWunder you do not have to worry about setting any limits! You can apply it on different websites and have an infinite number of members !

Coaches / trainers

Are you tired of telling the same story over and over again day after day? You only see your family more fleeting as you have to rush from workshop to workshop? Gain more time and revenue by digitizing your lectures and putting them in your exclusive member area. Scale your business, generate new leads and lots of satisfied customers!


Which entrepreneur does not dream of solid, long-term customer relationships? Strengthen the bond with your customers through exclusive benefits and premium content for members. Generate more qualified leads for your business.

Affiliate Marketer

No success with the "free e-book" strategy? Your conversion rate needs a new push? Make your customers feel exclusive by sharing your content with them in a custom member area!

Multi-level marketer

Annoyed by the constant writing of always the same news? Record all your training material and knowledge and put it in your exclusive member area! Get all the partners in your downline and save time by fully automating this process.

MEMBER WUNDER is suitable for everyone!

You do not need to be a technical genius or an expert: With MemberWunder you can create your exclusive member area in only 5 minutes! Fully customizable and customizable! Give yourself more time for what's really important ...


Create Leaderboards, forgive graduation certificates, motivate your users through awards and badges. Start, for example A competition among your affiliates to get maximum profit.


Keep an overview of the interactions of your users. Who is your most diligent affiliate? Who is your most eager course visitor? Use the Leaderboards to animate your customers to compete with each other.


Reward your members with exclusive awards for achieving certain modules or milestones.


Which participant does not enjoy a certificate for the successful completion of a course? Issue individual graduation certificates to your "graduates" and motivate them to book additional courses with you.


The basis for our success in the area of online marketing was a solid member area. Over the past few years, we have generated more than 5 million euros in sales using this method - and we now want to finally make this recipe for success available to you. Do you want to write your own success story instead of always hearing from others? Then get MemberWunder and start immediately!

- Said Shiripour

At the beginning of online marketing, it was common to sell e-books through a direct sales page. This method worked quite well so far. However, with increasing competition, it became more difficult as everyone used this technique. MemberWunder is a stepping stone that will help you stand out from the competition for miles!

  • Give your customers the feeling of exclusivity
  • Join the Internet professional
  • Motivate thanks to gamification
  • Increase your commissions

You travel too much around the area to hold your lectures and workshops? You are fed up with it and want to make more of your life? Thanks to MemberWunder you not only give you more time, but also more sales!

  • Digitize and automate your lectures
  • Use it for free to generate new leads and customers
  • Sell your coaching as a digital product
  • Stop burning up and scale your business to a new, unprecedented level

As Multi-level marketer you often write the same news, over and over again ... You achieve thereby however only small success. Now imagine that you could take all your knowledge and pack in a member area. You could finally focus on implementing new ideas while your sales process is fully automated.

  • Fully automated, profitable process
  • An excellent experience for every type of user
  • You save time because your partners can directly access the content via links

You need qualified leads for your business? You want to build a long-term customer loyalty? MemberWunder is definitely what you have been looking for all the time.


  • Members areas give the user an exclusive feeling
  • Users do not have to register or qualify
  • Gamification increases motivation and activities
  • Customers will follow your recommendations

  • Digitize and automate your content
  • Use it for free to generate new leads and customers ...
  • ... or sell your coaching as a digital product
  • Save a lot of money and scale your business to a new, unprecedented level

  • Create individual and exclusive member areas
  • Manage the access data and orders of your customers
  • Bind your customers to you and let your sales explode

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Installed with just a few clicks
  • Also very easy to implement for absolute technical antinomts
  • 24/7 Premium Support
Best offer
$299 onetime
  • Unlimited number of courses
  • Unlimited website licenses
  • MemberWunder Gamification
  • Interfaces to sales tools
    (PayPal, ActiveCampaign, etc.)
  • 24/7 Premium Support

Your opinion is important to us!

Do not waste your time running from place to place to give the same presentation. But spread your content easily and fully automatically on the Internet!
It's easy with MemberWunder.

Artur Neumann
Entrepreneur & Bestselling Author

Every step you can take in building your online business is a win! With this tool, you save valuable time and set up your digital products in just 5 minutes - a true MemberWUNDER.

Sergej Heck
Network Marketing Expert

We live in a time when we are given the opportunity to optimize and automate processes - MemberWunder is one of those possibilities and therefore my clear recommendation!

Andi Witt
Online Marketer & IT System Administrator
Frequently asked questions

You can get the MemberWunder special offer here: To the offer
You get access directly and automatically after ordering. Just look in your mailbox and log in with your credentials.

Absolutely not! You have set up your first member area in only 5 minutes! In addition, you will find explanatory videos for every step of the implementation in our internal member area

For EVERYONE! If you want to build an online business or already own it, then MemberWunder is the key to more and better reach. Whether affiliate marketer, coach, network marketer or other entrepreneurs - you save a few clicks a lot of time & money. Our membership solution makes it possible!

Yes - we work together with elopage ... elopage is a German company and verified and long-standing partner of our company.
We do not see your account details - these are only used by elopage for debiting. Your payment is completely SSL-encrypted and your data remains completely secure.

MemberWunder is a Wordpress plugin. Dealing with Wordpress is easy, just like MemberWunder.

YES. The connection of MemberWunder to ActiveCampaign & PayPal is optimally set up. So you can use both systems without problems

Our support team is available 24/7. Just send an email to [email protected] and we'll take care of any of your questions.


Stop waiting for them and start writing the first chapter today with our unbeatable and unique all-in-one solution!
With MemberWunder you win new customers & activate existing customers:
More customer loyalty = long-term loyalty = more sales! Within 5 minutes, digitize your content and deliver it exclusively to your target audience.
It's THE WAY you need to go to get your online business off to a flying start! We wish you maximum success with this tool and look forward to hearing from your success story !

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